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revenue streams

See how Digital Solar can help you make money and save your tenants.

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Renting? Tell your landlord about Digital Solar and
you could get $100* off your first bill on top of massive savings on your electricity bills.

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Landlords make money. Tenants save money.


Tenants and landlords collaborate online to build a property assessment which estimates how to share the value created
by Digital Solar.


By replacing expensive daytime grid electricity with solar, the tenant saves money on their energy bill, and the landlord covers their solar investment. It’s a win-win.


Once set-up the Digital Solar service takes care of the nitty gritty; automatically invoicing tenants and remitting payments to landlords – all through Matter’s trusted services.

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to shared solar

Meet Hana. Hana helps landlords and tenants
work together to benefit from Digital Solar.

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Our community

James - Landlord

“Matter manages it all without me having to do anything extra.
Digital Solar is going to be great for me and my tenants.”

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Jane - Tenant

“These guys are amazing. If you rent get on this,
you get cheaper electricity.”

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Kristy - Property Manager

“This is a fantastic way for property manager
to help create a new income stream for their clients.”

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Steve - Installer

“Solar. It’s the way of the future. My business hasn’t
stopped growing since Digital Solar started.”

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